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Cheryl Alm

I agree Favymtz.  I use to teach for a Janome dealer.  I detested HLS.   I helped our sales people sell Digitizer Jr. as an alternative as did have more flexibility and easier to use.  I'm sure Janome is not the only company that employs this type of product development.  I've abandoned Janome software altogether and gone with Wilcom's Hatch.

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I have heard wild speculation about a new top of line machine, and then an "almost" verified source said yes, something is being released at Janome Institute this year.
We'll wait and see!
Re your comments about product support, I feel you're right on there. And once when I inquired about why HLS didn't have a better layout mode like the old Customizer program was told,
"Because the company wants people to invest in MBX for those features." !!!
But Truly, the old Customizer did a better Layout than MBX, and easier to use!

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