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I admit that I have not used HLS enough to have encountered these specific problems, but I have generally found it to be clunky and not very intuitive.  My prior gripe with it was that when I did print out designs, it would not print out any information on the individual color steps (sometimes called color ways).  This is why I have often turned to other programs than HLS.

Regarding the idea of complaints getting attention, I really get the sense that Janome is a company that only invests resources into its current or next product.  And really has no interest in fixing bugs and provides only minimal user support. The fact that it totally discontinues machines and abandons software packages when a successor comes out tells me that their business model is not interested in long term product support. Look at how it did with older MBX versions.  It would not be that hard to add the S9, 500e, or 550e hoops to older versions (such as 4.5) with an update.  But once they come out with the later versions those who did not upgrade were left trying to create their own workarounds for later machines.

Finally, I do wonder how much longer the 15000 will be their TOL machine.  This is TOTAL SPECULATION, but it seems to me that the 15000 line is old enough that they would already be working on designing its replacement (assuming they are going to stay with a TOL all-in-one design)...which seems to be a question in my mind after the M7/550e split launch.  This may also be why they are not interested in trying to fix HLS bugs.

My thoughts from having worked in the for-profit engineering corporate world in a prior career.


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Starting a new topic.
We've been discussing the problem that the Layout feature of HLS doesn't print the picture of the embroidery design on all the pieces of paper.
In addition to this, some of my students have the aggravation of the program getting hung up when trying to open designs.
For example, Editing Embroidery is open and the hoop is selected. Going to the Design tab to open a design and the program does a "Not Responding" thing.
Sometimes for several minutes.
I sometimes have the problem but only rarely, my students have it constantly. In fact they rejoice when it doesn't happen!
I have also reported this to Janome Support and have had conversations about it with them where they've asked me for Computer information on operating systems etc. on the computers with the problem, which I have submitted to them.
So far no fix has been forthcoming, and I don't like to be a complainer, but I feel that the programs should work seamlessly.
Does anyone else have this problem? I think that if we as individuals, were to continue to ask the techs for help they might report it as a typical problem and we'd get some help.

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