Re: Horizon Link 1.3


Cheryl, my HLS is v 1.3. It's the only version I've ever had because my 15000 is the Quiltmaker edition, not an updated machine.
V1.3 is the latest updated HLS.
The reason that I will typically use the Layout feature in HLS vs. doing a Layout in either Hatch or MBX is because it doesn't split up the embroidery designs like those programs do.
Also, I should clarify, when the Layout prints, it prints the ClothSetter marks (the crosshairs) but not the embroidery designs. This usually only happens in the center pieces of paper of a 9 page layout.
So it's still a useful template, but just aggravating that it doesn't print the design name # nor the picture.
As I said before, I've been in contact with Janome Support and they've been no help. Generally the answer is that since it's a free program don't expect Janome to fix it, and to use software such as MBX to print large layout templates! Well, yes....
So, does ANYONE else ever use the Layout feature? If so, does yours print okay? Maybe if there are other people taking their complaint to Janome, they will respond with a fix?

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