Re: Thread loops on bottom of fabric

Jim Stutsman

Coincidentally we just went through a similar problem with Diane's 15000. There were 3 small problems, the final solution being to service the machine. It had not been done in the past 4 years or more. (Insert shoemaker's children story here.)

However in your case, that's not very likely to be the cause. Since it seems to get worse with speed I would suspect a burr on the hook race. We can rule out the bobbin case, since you changed that, but I would still inspect it for roughness. What's happening is that the needle thread is catching every so often, so the stitch cannot pull up tight. Remove the needle plate and check it for nicks around the needle hole. Next remove the bobbin case. Look closely (strong light, magnification) at the edges of the hook race the the bobbin case rides on. A needle break can leave a nick or scratch in that, which will catch thread. If you find one your dealer can polish it out with a Janome tool (Part #OILSTONE). You'll need to point it out though, since service techs often don't check for it. I didn't for the first several years of our dealership. Also while you have the bobbin case out take a close look at the white plastic piece on the bottom of the hook race. Needle breaks can scratch that and leave rough edges. This is a very inexpensive part that is easy to replace, but not a lot of dealers stock them. I used to buy 25 at a time, and replace them as needed during a service. Hope this helps!

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