Re: DIY - make your own magnetic hoop for the 15000 using the GR hoop

Ceil J

Not sure if I share this here but I ordered a Creative Grids ruler from Amazon (Angela Walter's Sid) and it had a defect.  When I contacted them, they sent me to their distributor who wanted photos and the name of the site I had used.  I complied.  I shared this in Facebook groups and had people telling me that I should have gone to my local store, that those rulers are only sold by Angela on her site, that it would not be profitable for anyone to make counterfeit rulers, etc. so that I regretting trying to be helpful to anyone.  But the distributor did tell me that it has become a big problem for Creative Grids and that even though the site I ordered from was one of their authorized dealers, that the system Amazon employs for sorting and distribution of items with the same (some fake) SKU's sometimes causes the real ones and fake ones to be intermingled. (Remember the OV glove fiasco?)   I did not do this to save money either even though it was a savings of about $.o2!  Buyer beware!  But the distributor did say they were trying to work with Amazon to fix this situation.  Ceil

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