Re: DIY - make your own magnetic hoop for the 15000 using the GR hoop

Jim Stutsman

One of the ugly secrets about Amazon is the warehouses, aka fulfillment centers. There are counterfeit products in abundance, mostly from China. We're in Dallas, where product turnover is very high. This type of tape is not something many would buy, and it may actually be shipped by a supplier that sells through Amazon, but has their own inventory. Return it if you can and see if you can find something similar locally. We've been buying heavily on Amazon since the lockdown, just to avoid going out. I've filled the Prius gas tank 3 times in all of 2020 and it's still half full. Because we have so many things delivered Diane has put a basket on the porch with snacks for delivery people. We would encourage everyone to do this. They don't get paid a lot, and really appreciate it.

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