Re: DIY - make your own magnetic hoop for the 15000 using the GR hoop


Jim and Diane,

Is "Gaffer Tape" or "duct tape" used in your GR hoop magnetic hoop work around?   I ordered from Amazon the item linked in your email.  Sadly it looks like it's been around for a while, is very tacky and says it is "duct tape".   Apparently they are not the same thing.  In my opinion, this item doesn't appear to be what you'd want on the hoop especially if needing to remove it to use the hoop for an embroidery.

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I understand lack of space!  Did you know that dog grooming arms (for grooming tables) will clamp onto table surfaces and you can get as many or as few as you need for whatever configuration necessary to support a project.  Lots of different kinds, and some fold up and/or come apart, and can be stored in minimal space when not in use.  (Yorkshire Terriers supervise everything I do!)

- Cat (FL)

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...Since my sewing room is small my husband is planning a ceiling suspended system to accommodate hoop quilting and quilting with the dual feed foot...

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