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Cheryl.      Thanks so very much for all this information.    I will have to rethink and ponder this for a while.    I want to keep my brain cells working (LOL) but wondering if I really want to go to the expense and the time spent learning how to digitize.  I know it would give me a sense of accomplishment to do it but.........   again.   Many thanks.   

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I’ve had all the Digitizer Programs from Version Digitizer 10000, upgraded and all the version in-between to the very latest which is Digitizer V5.5.  It meant new dongles almost each time - the updates were free to fix “bugs” in the program or add something that was either forgotten or added to the Janome machine that corresponded to that version of software.  I would highly recommend that you try to at least upgrade to the Version 4 of the software as it will have bigger hoops to digitize larger designs and copy them to USB’s for use in an embroidery machine.  At Version 5 the software did a change and it was quite a surprise to me when I first loaded my program - it was almost like learning something altogether new.  I’ve gotten so that I can navigate in it but I wasn’t a very happy camper to begin with.  So what I’m trying to say is if you have a fairly new embroidery machine, you might want to get the new version and learn it instead of struggling with a program that is about 10 or more years old and doesn’t want to load onto your Windows 10 computer easily.  You will/may run into problems every time Windows does a major update and that is VERY frustrating.  If you have Janome embroidery machines it is the best program to use.  

Now if you are even thinking a little bit about digitizing, Janome has another program called Artistic Digitizer - it is not as expensive as Digitizer and if you haven’t digitized before now, you might want to consider that one.  Janome, in North America at least, seems to be moving in that direction.  Personally, I like Digitizer much more, but then it is familiar and Artistic seems quite foreign and difficult to move around to find “how” to do what I want, but that again is “learning”.  I’m 75 - not done wanting to learn, but I don’t really feel like taxing myself if the FUN is being lost in where the learning is happening.  Also right now Janome has Artistic Digitizer on a special where you can download it and use it for a limited time - you could try that.  I went down the “rabbit hole” to see if I could find the website, but didn’t.  Go to and look for the Janome Life Blog there and if anyone has information the Canadian Educators sure do (how can you tell I’m a Canadian).  

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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