Re: Hope you and Diane are safe

Cheryl Paul

I’m glad that your family is doing OK, Jim and Diane. We are prepared for the cold here as we get WINTER every year in Saskatchewan. Only today and it is -19 C (-2.2F) and our furnace QUIT. I was feeling chilly as we were playing a board game with our grandson. Jim went down to check the furnace and realized it hadn’t started when I increase the temperature a few degrees above 20C. Our son had problems with his furnace so borrowed our space heaters that we use for the garage and a shed. We’ll have to get them back from him so we don’t freeze over night. We don’t want to pay overtime charges to call a repair man at night if we don’t absolutely need to. So you see, we can’t win them all.

Hope everyone’s weather changes for the better.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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