Re: Hope you and Diane are safe

Ceil J

Glad to learn that you, Diane, and your family are well!
It always amazes me when confronted with the reality that we all live in our own little bubbles.  If you had asked me how Texans get their electric/energy I would have said, oil!  We too often make assumptions about how others live.  I was scolded in a FB group for not going to my "local" quilt shop to get something (a Creative Grid's ruler) that I ordered from Amazon.  I only posted to caution others that it was a fake.  I'm in my 70's and local quilt shops are 45 minutes away. 
Anyway, relieved to learn you are both well and I hope others in the group are safe too but I guess if they have no electricity, we won't know for a time. 
Another great day for quilting (here). :) Ceil

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