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I am also in need of knowing how to use my digitizer pro on my windows 10.  Will be watching for the post. Thanks, Colette

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You do not need to buy a dongle.  The window 10 driver, which is free, is what you need to download.  I think I had to download something else to make the dongle work.  I am not at home at this time.  I am going to try to get digitizer pro on the laptop I am using at this time.  If I succeed, I will let you know just what you need to do.  It took me a lot of research to get the program and the dongle to work on windows 10.  I thought I had brought the programs I needed with me but I could not find them on my jump drives.  If I find them, I would gladly send them to you if you want to give me your email address.  I will be going home sometime in April and can send you the programs then if I do not find them before.
Sandy K.

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Thanks for the information.   Do you use it to digitize any of your designs.  Just wondering if it would be worth while to purchase the dongle.      Thanks.
Beth from Ontario 

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I have Digitizer Pro V.1.  You need a Windows 10 dongle driver for digitizer embroidery software.  Google this and you should find a site SafeNet (a digitizer dongle supplier).  I did finally get my program to open and work.  

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A friend sent me this as she never used it.   I can’t seem to get it downloaded to my computer that is running Windows 10.     It doesn’t recognize the USB that came with it.   Thanks for any information. 

Beth in Ontario 


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