Re: Latest Versions Of FootBook and My 15000 Apps

Jim Stutsman

When moving to a new iOS device, your apps are not copied from the backup of your old device. Instead they are downloaded from the App Store. Related data is copied from the backup, but otherwise you will always get the latest version.

FootBook is version 4.2.2(14)-21. The number at the end, 21, is the version of the library file that is updated automatically by the app. That will be happening shortly once I add the 20+ machines sold only in UK.
My 15000 is version 1.5.2(18)-20. This is found using the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen. The last number, 20, is also an auto-update number as new videos are added.
My 12000 is version 1.4(8)-4, though it is no longer available in the App Store.
Quilt in the Hoop is version 3.2.1.
All of the above, like me, have reached a state of "maturity" and are unlikely to get any more updates. FootBook may get new feet as they are released, but won't require a new app.

ThreadBook is version 1.4.3(25) and will be updated later this year.
Succulent Tracker is version 1.1.2 and is pending an update.

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