Re: MC15000 foot peddle error warning

Cat - N

About a year ago I had the foot pedal error...same a few stitches then power cycle...repeat.  Took the 15000 to the dealer who had no trouble with the foot pedal but replaced it anyway.  Last week, I started getting an error that the cutter cannot be used but the machine still sews once the error is cleared from the display.  Here we go again.  Dealer is about 100 miles from here.  Ugh.  Would be nice if the foot pedal was more reliable.  Not sure if there is anything I can do to help it and haven't had time to unplug, etc., or call the dealer about the issue.  I rarely use the cutter, but would like everything to work even if I don't use all the bits and parts all the time.

- Cat (FL)

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