Re: MC15000 foot peddle error warning

Ceil J

See if unplugging the cutter piece allows the foot control to work.  That was the issue with mine.  My dealer is about 2.5 hours away and he had me do that to see if the foot control would work without the cutter and it did.  Eventually we replaced the entire unit but I never used the foot cutter anyway so I took it off the unit and stored it.   Ceil

On Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 5:22 PM Jim Stutsman via <> wrote:
Diane had this problem randomly with her 15000. I also tried all the usual cord-break tests, with the same result - no problem. I went one step further and opened the foot control and replaced the capacitor inside, as that can cause issues. This also did not work. Consulting a dealer friend who sells a LOT of 15000s, we discovered that replacing the foot control is the only option. We did, and have had no more problems.

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