Re: Servicing an 11000


Thanks, Jim, will test this out. 


On Feb 5, 2021, at 5:49 PM, Jim Stutsman via <onlinesewing@...> wrote:

Neither explanation sound quite right. The motor is unlikely to be stuck due to lack of lubrication. I’ve not seen that happen, no mater how long a machine was stored. Once in a while a motor can fail, but it doesn’t usually fail like that. A simple test is to turn it on. If you get the message, turn it off, then turn the hand wheel slightly. Turn it on again. If the message is gone it *might* be the motor. But it’s more likely to be a stuck sensor. One thing to try is to put the knee lift in. Push it SLIGHTLY, not enough to raise the foot, but enough that you moved it. Keep it in that position and turn the machine on. If it comes on without the error, then the sensor is due to the knee lifter linkage. It’s an easy adjustment once the top is off, and usually it only needs to be move a little. Your dealer should be able to do it.

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