Re: Needle threader problem on the 15000


Jim, thanks for the instructions.

You may have addressed this in the past, but my needle threader issue involves having to raise the needle ever so slightly in order for the needle threader to thread the needled.  Brand and size does not matter.  Technician says there's no adjust that can be made.  Seem to recall you saying that this is an adjustment that the tech could make.  

Can you shed some insight on this?

On Monday, February 1, 2021, 09:10:20 AM PST, William D Lawson <lawsonfox@...> wrote:

With Jim’s excellent directions, I fixed my needle threader!!  He is amazing. Now I can finish my Snowman Christmas Tree Skirt.  Thank you so very much!

Back to the sewing room. 🥰🤪🙃😍😄

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On Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 11:12 AM, William D Lawson <lawsonfox@...> wrote:

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is safe and healthy.  Quilting has been
my “sanity saver” during this time of isolation.  

I have been working on an embroidered Christmas Tree skirt with LOTS of thread changes.

My threader has always worked perfectly until yesterday.  I know some have had problems 
from the beginning. I’ve seen suggestions for slightly bending your hook so that it hits the hole 
correctly but I don’t know how to keep the threader in the down position so I can adjust it. 

Jim, is this something I can do on my own or should I just take it in?  My repair man is really backed up.
My machine would be sitting in the shop for 5 to 6 weeks.  I would be lost without it for that long. Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for being here for us. We all really appreciate all you do.
Gwen Lawson

ps....  I recently purchased a Quilt Maker Pro 18 with Prostitcher Premium and it is amazing!!!
 I am such a happy quilter.

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