Re: The long-awaited Quilt Binder video

Jim Stutsman

Oh Deb, that was a long time ago and I have slept since then. I *think* I marked that foot out because originally there was no binder attachment for the 9mm machines and that was a 7mm foot. So, yes, if you bought the binder for your specific machine, then you can use the included foot. But if you have a 9mm model and bought the binder for a 7mm machine, don't use it.

And proving once again that memory is the first thing to go: I have been advised that my answer was 100% wrong. It has nothing to do with 7mm vs 9mm. Because the binder attaches in place of the bobbin cover, there are different versions for different families of machines. The foot was marked out because it does not work well on machines with AcuFeed. The AcuFeed feet included with those machines work much better. You can still use the foot provided, but you may have better luck with AcuFeed.

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