Re: New machines- M7 and 550E


So one of the nice things about the 550e is that compared to other Janome embroidery machines it has a small footprint because the hoop is side driven rather than back driven.  So basically you just need enough space behind the machine for the needle to go to the lowest point on the largest hoop.  So you will want about 18” clearance behind the needle, but you also have to allow for the extension table.  That said, I think 36” deep should be plenty.  Sorry I cannot be more precise, but I have the 500e not the 550e which has the slightly larger hoop.  But the layout is similar.

One heads up that surprises some new 500e/550e owners.  Unlike most other Janome machines, this one needs regular oiling by the owner in a number of locations.  They are shown in your manual and additionally there are some YouTube videos that help demonstrate it as well. 


On Feb 2, 2021, at 7:20 AM, susiesews4 <> wrote:

Hello all,
Is it possible to be happy and overwhelmed at the same time?  My husband and I drove out to the dealers to drop off my 9000 for a deep clean and pick up a new bobbin case for my 12000 this weekend. While I was looking around and drooling over the M7, he was purchasing the M7 and a 550E for me.  I was so surprised.  Our dealer was doing a virtual show this week and had wonderful deals. We got a trade in deal without actually having to trade my machine so now I have to find space for the old and new machines. My husband likes to know I have a backup when needed.  

How much space would you suggest for the 550E?   I really want to take full advantage of the M7 so I think I need to step up to a bigger table for it.  Currently, my 12000 sits on an adjustable height 23.5 by 47 in Ikea table which I have to pull from the wall.  Is a table at 36 inches deep enough for quilting?  Unfortunately, my crafting/sewing room is small at 8 by 12.  Sewing, quilting, and paper/vinyl crafting takes up a lot of space.  There is a Cricut Maker as well.

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