New machines- M7 and 550E


Hello all,
Is it possible to be happy and overwhelmed at the same time?  My husband and I drove out to the dealers to drop off my 9000 for a deep clean and pick up a new bobbin case for my 12000 this weekend. While I was looking around and drooling over the M7, he was purchasing the M7 and a 550E for me.  I was so surprised.  Our dealer was doing a virtual show this week and had wonderful deals. We got a trade in deal without actually having to trade my machine so now I have to find space for the old and new machines. My husband likes to know I have a backup when needed.  

How much space would you suggest for the 550E?   I really want to take full advantage of the M7 so I think I need to step up to a bigger table for it.  Currently, my 12000 sits on an adjustable height 23.5 by 47 in Ikea table which I have to pull from the wall.  Is a table at 36 inches deep enough for quilting?  Unfortunately, my crafting/sewing room is small at 8 by 12.  Sewing, quilting, and paper/vinyl crafting takes up a lot of space.  There is a Cricut Maker as well.

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