Re: Upper Thread break S9


You may want to have your service provider take a look at the machine as it should be letting you know when a top thread breaks.  Mine did just the other day when I had a top thread break...the thread got tangled around the base of the spool.


On Jan 30, 2021, at 10:23 AM, Toni Valenstein <tenquilt@...> wrote:

I'm using an S9.  I set the setting described on pg. 96, in the manual, to detect thread break, but it only stops the machine if it detects a bobbin thread break.  This means that if I'm doing a nice size embroidery, I need to sit at the machine and watch it constantly for at least 30 min, until it completes sewing.  Isn't there a setting to stop the machine if it detects an upper thread break?

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