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William D Lawson

Ok. Now I have to get my courage up to try this fix.  I may just use the plastic threader until I finish my Christmas Tree skirt.  Thank you so much, Jim. You are the best!

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Needle threaders are a perpetual source of trouble. Janome has gone through a number of attempts to make one that works every time, but the fundamental problem is that they all require a very small piece of metal that either pokes the thread through the eye (early models from 6000-9000) or hooks it from behind and pulls it through the eye. Because the metal element is very small it can bend pretty easily. If the needle is misaligned just a little, it gets bent. If the needle is smaller than size 11 it may not go through and will bend. Factor in the motorized feature, and you have issues of it lining up properly. So here's what you do:

1. Put in a size 11 needle and push the threader button. (Nearly all service techs use size 14 per Janome recommendations, but that just sets you up to fail with 11.)
2. Turn the machine OFF. It won't go up now.
3. Get a STRONG light and magnifying glass so you can see the hook. It will be either left or right of the needle. If it is THROUGH the needle, then the hook is likely broken off and you'll need a new part. Stop here.
4. Very gently pull the needle forward and left or right so it lines up and the hook goes through the eye. Pull as little as possible, so as not to bend the needle. That would negate your efforts.
5. Once the needle is through the eye you can use a very small flat blade screwdriver to nudge it left or right, as needed to straighten it. Patience is critical, work slowly.
6. When you think you've got it, turn the machine back on and try it. Don't be discouraged if it still fails. This is a very fiddly process. I've spent upwards of an hour getting a threader to work right.

In the event that it still doesn't work, or if you need a replacement part, order a separate threader such as this one:
You gotta love that it's a 6-piece package and they show 7 on the page!
That will keep you going. Next call your dealer and tell him/her that you want the threader fixed, but you can't give up the machine. Ask the repair tech to call you the day before he/she will have time to do it and book an appointment time to take it in to get it fixed while you wait. (Bonus points - when I got swamped with repairs every year after everyone finished Christmas sewing, we went to repairs by appointment so they didn't all come at once. You might suggest that.) When you take the machine in, take along some muffins, a plate of brownies, or even a small cake. This will help!

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