Re: Servicing an 11000

Cheryl Paul


Hopefully that dealer didn't take the machine apart and ruin it.  I'd collect it as soon as possible, take it to your original dealer's technician, get a detailed invoice of what he/she does to the 11000.  I'd then be tempted to take it back to the "bad guy" and show him/her what scammers they are.

I like you gave my 11000 to my daughter back in 2014 or so and she runs it with no issues.  I almost got myself into a pickle here as I also gave my MC6000 another daughter for a wedding gift, as it was better than most new machines of the price I'd get to sell it - that was in 2004, and she still uses that machine to hem her pants, mend what needs mending and I KNOW that machine hasn't been in for a service since I had it serviced to give to her.  As for the 11000, I also know that it hasn't been in either and both work just fine.  Yours should too if that twit hasn't messed with it.  

I hope that you can get this resolved so that your daughter can enjoy lots of "good" sewing and embroidery with her gift from you.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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