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Therese Kaun

Thank you!  It does!!

On Sat, Jan 16, 2021, 16:44 Jim Stutsman via <> wrote:
I have downloaded your video, then deleted it as it makes a big hit to the limited amount of storage we have for the group. What's happening is that either the bobbin case, or the metal hook race it sits on have been damaged. Most of the time this is due to a needle strike. The needle breaks, but before it does it leaves scars. Remove the bobbin case and inspect it carefully in bright light, top AND bottom. Look for holes, bumps, scratches, or in some case outright gouges in the side on the bottom. If it has no damage get a magnifying glass and inspect the hook race with the bobbin case OUT. Turn the wheel slowly and look at that narrow metal rim that the bobbin case is perched on. Any nicks, scratches, or pits could cause this problem. Finally look at the white plastic piece at the bottom of the hook race. You'll see a small hole in the center and what looks like lint. DON'T PULL IT OUT! It's an oil wick. If that piece is badly scratched or broken it can cause the bobbin case to stick. That's what is happening - as the hook race turns, the bobbin case is suppose to hit that little spring to the left of the red arrow on that metal stopper. It should just lightly push the spring, but in your case it's ramming up against it. That means the bobbin case is not sliding on the hook race like it should.

If the bobbin case is lightly damaged you may be able to buff it down with an emery board to smooth it out. It must be absolutely smooth, top and bottom. If you put your finger on the bobbin case and lightly turn the wheel you'll feel it twitch when the problem spot is hit. If the bobbin case is damaged you should ultimately get a new one. If it's OK, but the hook race is damaged, you'll need dealer help. Janome has a tool that your dealer may have, or can order, called OILSTONE. It's a polishing stone that fits in the hook race for smoothing it out. Hope this helps!

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