Re: noise from bobbin area on e500 Machine


In response to your other question about the auto cut and thread tail blobs on the bottom underside.  I have experienced this as well whenever I used the auto cut on any of my Janome machines.  

Others may have advice they can offer, but I have found two ways to address it.  One is to turn off the automatic jump stitch cutting and cut the jump stitches manually.  The other is to turn on the one-stitch stop feature.  If I am remembering correctly, it will take one stitch and stop after it has done a thread cut and then you can pull the bobbin thread to the top and pull out a longer tail and hold it to the top.  Changing the setting on the jump stitch length has no effect on the tail left from cutting, it just changes the criteria for when it will auto-cut the jump stitch.


On Jan 12, 2021, at 5:44 PM, Kathy Strabel <ksbappa@...> wrote:

Hello Janome users---With the crummy weather, I have had more time to do embroidery and I have run into a problem that I have not found an answer to. Jim S. offered me some good advice and I think what he said fixed the problem, but not comletely. I am getting random small "blobs" of thread on the underside of my projects. Jim's advice about the needle possibly re-entering a previous hole and causing skipped stitches, made sense for the specific design I was working at the time. Now another design is doing that as well. I will hear some rattling sounds coming from the bobbin area when the stitches go awry. So, I thought maybe it was backspin on the bobbin. So I hooped 2 layers of Heat N Gone (because it is clear, and I can see the bobbin as it sews).  I ran the same design directly on the Heat N Gone, with the same thread and everything else the same except, of course no cloth blocking my view of the bobbin. I put a mark on the same clear plastic pre-filled bobbin, so I could judge when/if it acted up while stitching. It did not exhibit any backspin, but would frequently "jiggle" at times.   Do I need a new bobbin case? I have examined the case with magnifying glasses and by feeling around inside and outside of it and I have not found any cracks, burrs, scratches, etc, but maybe something is amiss? I am using the yellow dot bobbin holder that came with the machine, and 40 wt embroidery thread.  I have never used the red dot bobbin holder for this machine--I believe one came with it--but I understand it is for use with Janome brand threads. Who makes Janome brand thread? I have never seen it for sale anywhere, and what is the difference between Janome and , say, Floriani threads which I use mostly.

Another problem I am seeing is that when the needle advances to the next color, there is about a 2" thread tail that the needle plunges down into the fabric, then makes a few anchoring stitches and then goes on to complete that color. At the beginning of the color block, there is always a "bubble" or a blob of tangled threads on the back side--I assume it is that 2" piece. I have set the jump stitch cut length to 2 clicks below the default, but the thread tail remains at 2" or so. Just enough to make that ugly blob on the back side. Not a problem if the back side won't be seen, but when stitching directly on tea towels,  pillowcases, etc. you want the back to be as pristine as the front. Both of these things I mention are rather new, I have had the machine for 2 years or so and have cleaned/oiled her religiously. 
Comments, anyone??     Be safe and healthy out there!!!  
Kathy S. Camas WA

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