Re: noise from bobbin area on e500 Machine

Jim Stutsman

Nicks, scratches, and gouges in the bobbin case can definitely cause the “bouncing bobbin” phenomenon. It can also happen if there is damage to the hook race that the bobbin case sits in. Remove the needle plate and bobbin case. Use a bright light and magnification and look closely for damage. The thin rim around the edges of the hook race must be absolutely smooth and shiny. When sewing, the needle thread wraps all the way around the bobbin case between the hook race and the bobbin case. Any scratches, nicks, or damage can cause it to catch and make the bobbin case jerk. The bobbin will bounce as well. Another place that can cause this is the hole in the needle plate. If a needle breaks it may scar the edge of the hole, again causing problems.

The red dot bobbin case can be used with all threads. The yellow dot case is only needed if you are getting bobbin showing with the red dot case. The red dot is calibrated to Janome bobbin thread. Some other bobbin threads are thinner, especially the commercial ones. That’s why the yellow dot case was created, but you should certainly try the red dot to see if it behaves the same. If it does, then it’s likely hook race damage. There is a tool (Janome part #OILSTONE) that dealers can use to buff out damage, but you will probably need your dealer to see the machine. If you don’t have a problem with the red case the yellow dot one may be damaged. If you don’t get bobbin thread showing with the red dot, just use that.

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