Re: Testing needle wear


Thanks Sally.  This is helpful...and yes, the childproof medical bottles are great for securing and disposing of worn out needles and pins.


On Jan 11, 2021, at 6:31 PM, Sally on the WE(s)T Side <1328whitman@...> wrote:

Pixey, my standard tests:
1. does it make a popping sound when it hits the fabric
2. does it shred the thread
3. does it leave a cut or visible hole
4. can you feel a rough spot on the tip or does it snag a piece of nylon stocking or other similar fabric
If the answer is yes to any of the above, then put it in an old medicine bottle with a child-proof lid to be disposed of properly.  Otherwise you can use them.  You can use some questionable needles to make paper fold lines in computer printed patterns (lengthen the stitch and don't use thread) and for decorating cards with stitched designs.  

Sally, who has a pincushion full of machine needles


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