Re: Artistic Digitizer 1.5 upgrade

Anne Hein DE

If you go in the software to help/ check for updates and it shows no updates but there is one it is best to go to the global page and use the download there. Once you get to the global page go to downloads/software. First on the list is what the update contains and a link to all the videos on YouTube. If you scroll down the list you are looking for Artistic Digitizer  Installation for those without a dvd drive. At the bottom of that are the instructions and the links to download. There are 4 different ones- pc full and jr and MAC full and jr. Just pick the one you need. When you do the update it is best to close your software and log out of the software key. Then uninstall the software.  Then begin the process to reinstall from the download. 
The manual gets updated in the process too. So if you moved it to your iPad for ease of use you would need to remove and replace it. 
If you have any issues contact Janome tech support -tech_support@...
There are some really nice changes to the software too. 
There are 2 fb groups for those interested: one is Janome Artistic Digitizer run by Janome and I’m the admin. I do 2 live presentations a week and all previous videos are saved to the page. This year I’m offering 2 different programs: AD Skill Builder  - a back to basics program and AD Create It- part learning/part project. To see the videos live or saved to the page you just need to join. The developer posts videos to the page and at the end of the month those are uploaded to the YouTube page and into the software. They do monitor the page abs answers questions.  I offer a quick tip weekly. We have a very active group of over 4K. 
The other page is Artistic  Digitizer Help Group run by Valora Hammond. We do cross post and share info. 
It’s best to join both then you won’t miss a thing. 
And just a short story here. Back when we had the Wades group I attended many of their events - this was before I worked for Janome. One event in VA Jim and Diane came - I believe we were at Jim Bowers shop. They offered a class on mbx with Jim as instructor.  Not sure will remember this but he has the same humor as my dh(software engineer). During the class I would be the only one who laughed at your jokes. Maybe I was the only one who got them. Anyway you’d look up at me when I did. Probably surprised!  The year I joined Janome was the year you and Diane retired. I was so excited to be with Janome and have a possibility to work with the 2 of you but oh no!!  
Retirement is fun too and you still support us. Which I so appreciate all that the 2 of you do. 
Who knew from that early class I’d be the one teaching or working for Janome.  I never thought it. 😊
Anne Grieco Hein - DE 

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