Re: 2Stitch Organizer (free program)

Cheryl Paul

I know that all these “new” formats exist, but JEF is still the go to format. The new machines save to JPX and I don’t fool with that, but if you were to buy a design from a website, ONLY get the JEF format as it is truly a design that will work. However, you still have to pay attention to the size of the design for the hoop you intend to use, as you can still only use a design that will work for the size hoops that fit your embroidery machine.

The new formats seem to have appeared as the hoops have gotten larger. JEF came about when the Janome MC10000 was launched and digitizing started to really take off in the domestic market. The 10000 had a hoop that was about twice as big as the 9000, and the computer part became radically different. Then the 11000 came out in 2005 and again a bigger hoop, and also more processing of colour, stitch count and much more on the sewing machine, so the JEF+ allowed that information that really is only applicable to the sewing machine. It isn’t part of digitizing as the software looks after all that stuff without that little + part, but the machine needs it. That + has created great confusion ever since. I’m not even sure that other software’s besides Janome’s can make a JPX file that would be a true design. You know how when you look at a PES or a VP3 that the colours aren’t true and not even the same from design to design, even though the picture is the same. That’s because the program used to write the original design has been changed into a stitch format and is broken up for an embroidery machine to read. All software have a specific format to save to and in Digitizer it used to be JAN, but now is EMB, in Floriani it is WAF, in Janome’s Artistic Digitizer it is DRAW, and the list goes on, those files are the ones digitizers use to build on, to create more in the design or change the design. When you purchase a design you don’t get that “native” format, but only a stitch file - that is the file that the digitizer keeps as they really don’t want us messing around with what they’ve created. Now you all know that we like to individualize designs from time to time or to add lettering to personalize what we stitch out.

Back to basics, The JEF file is still the basic stitch out file for Janome.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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