How long does it take...


Is everyone on the group moderated?  I'm thinking the answer is "no".

I'm curious to know- how long does it take to be able to reply to messages, and not be moderated?  I've been a member of the group for a long time.  I know I don't write much- but some of that is because by the time my message would be sent on, some others have replied, so I figure "what's the use" and don't send any reply.  I don't have the newest machine(s) altho I have owned Janome models for 30+ years and keep up with them, answering many questions people have on several facebook groups.  I look at machine manuals and reply with what I find out, what has worked in my experience, general sewing/quilting/embroidery knowledge.

So- I'm curious.  I sent a message a couple minutes ago- but don't know how long it will take before it comes out.  I thought I'd ask.  Previous messages don't typically show up for 48hrs in digest form.  That tells me, I must be moderated - other members have messages come thru much faster.  And- that is OK.  I am curious.  I don't know how many or who the admin team is.  I do know that Jim and Diane have been most helpful to everyone (me included), on many various platforms, since the early days of WadesList....  For that I am very thankful and have been blessed as well!  I can be a silent reader - I learn that way as well.


Tracy in Nashville, TN

Martha Pullen Licensed Educator

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