Re: Janome recommendation

Kathy Strabel

MaryJoe---I have a 500e and once in a while I have the same problem with seeing the design file on the computer, but not being able to see it on the machine's screen when the USB stick is inserted. First, be sure that your design was placed in the EMBF folder, not the EMB file.    Design files must reside in the EMBF folder to be read by the machine. The next possibility is that the design itself is too large for the hoop that you have selected to use.  This may be just a single stitch that exceeds the capacity of the hoop. You may remedy this by rotating your design within the hoop so that every single stitch fits into the hoop. Or----you can choose the next larger hoop and open the design in that next larger hoop.  It would be a real help if the machine would sent an error code and tell you that something is amiss with your design/hoop size and/or the orientation of the design within the hoop. But it does not. Nor, does it tell you that the design file is not found in the EMBF file.  So, I have started thinking that when ever I might not be able to see a design on my screen, but I KNOW it is in my USB stick, I go to check to make sure it is in the EMBF folder, and that the design fits fully into the hoop I have chosen. So far, that has solved it every time for me.  At first, I wrote a note on a Post-It and stuck it near my machine to remind me,  and it soon became a regular habit if I cannot see my design on the machine's screen.  Good luck, I hope this solves your mystery.
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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