Re: Birds Nest

Jim Stutsman

You may have a cotton lint buildup in between the tension discs. Take a strip of fabric (denim works well), fold it in half, and use the folded edge to "floss" through the tension slot. You may not see anything come out, but work it back and forth several times. Then rethread, and take a couple of stitches on scrap, stopping with the needle down and the presser foot down. Grab the thread just above the needle clamp and gently tug on it. You should feel resistance. If you don't, repeat the process. If this doesn't resolve the problem see your dealer. Also, if you have had a recent needle break before this started, you may have a nick in either the bobbin case or the hook race. Both would indicate time for dealer intervention.

Don't use the yellow dot case for anything but embroidery. For quilting use the red dot case, or if you have little loops on the bottom, the blue dot case available as an accessory.

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