Re: 2Stitch Organizer (free program)

Ceil J

Thank you.  I never knew that.  I think Hatch allows you to save as a jef+ design; I can't imagine why.
I've found that this program is fantastic for me to be able to organize and find designs.  I'm quilting with various sizes of snowflakes and my collection (purchased, free, and edited) is huge.  This allows me to quickly see them.  I can put them on a USB to load into my machine but I really prefer to send via HLS and I'm not sure I'd trust the program to not edit a file.  But for organizing, viewing all at once with sizes, it's great.  I can finally quickly find what I'm looking for- but then still go into my stored files to work with it. 
I hope some find it helpful and that the program grows into something more useful.

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