Re: 2Stitch Organizer (free program)


Thanks for showing us a new program that can possibly help some of our members.
I just have to respond to the "It does not (at the present time) read JEF+ files"
Most likely it doesn't, Because a JEF+ file isn't a true file format. It's a design that consists of more than one JEF design that have been combined into a layout that can be stitched either in a single hooping or as part of a larger Layout design.
The only True JEF+ files are those made either in a Janome machine Edit mode or in Janome software programs like Horizon Link etc.
Every single time that I ever purchase a design and it has a JEF+ included, I check it to see if it's a real JEF+, and it NEVER is!
Pardon my gripe, it's just that as a former Janome employee this always has griped me!
I remember when as a new employee our shop owner educated me on JEF+ files, she did it because it always caused her angst too!


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