Re: 2Stitch Organizer (free program)


Very kind of you to share.  Thank you.

Pat Kowalczyk

On Sat, Jan 2, 2021 at 9:17 AM Mary Almond <marypalmond@...> wrote:
I just downloaded this! Love how I can see the patterns so well! Will be experimenting! Thanks

On Fri, Jan 1, 2021 at 5:11 PM Ceil J <cjancola@...> wrote:
Is anyone else using this?  I think it's fantastic but it does have some limitations as it's in the early stages of development.
I will be sharing with a Facebook group but wanted to share here too.  I love what it does.  Here are some notes I've made for another person who is interested. 

Some things to keep in mind.

It will not (at the present time) open zipped folders. So if you want your zipped files included upzip them first. However, I use a PC and found that when I unzipped some files they also had a MACOSX folder inside the newly unzipped folder. You should delete this (and perhaps it’s the opposite for MAC users?). If you don’t it will include funky files.

It does not (at the present time) read JEF+ files. There are plans by the programmer to expand the files it reads (now only PES, PEC, DST, XXX, EXP, SEW, JEF AND HUS). I have contacted the programmer who is in Germany but not sure if he will respond.

Don’t do what I did initially and try to dump all your folders at once. That’s how I learned that it wouldn’t open zip files and the mess it shows with MACOSX files. Here is a chance to finally get organized so do it a little at a time.

It also doesn’t download PDF’s or instructions.



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