Re: When a thread breaks on e500 embroidery machine

Kathy Strabel

Favymtz--Thanks for the advice on making sure that I get a tie-off (manually) when I need  to re-stitch an area. My last embroidery machine would give an error code, stop the machine, and let me fix a problem. Then, I could send the needle back a few paces, and it would re-start stitching, but also would do a lockstitch when it would resume stitching. I guess the e500 does not have this feature. Too bad, because that was very convenient.  It was a machine of another brand.   

  ALso, I have been using Floriani threads for most of my embroidery life--about 10 years--without much problem, but you say it is not good in your machine.  What thread do you use?? I only have the one machine, the e500, for embroidery these days.   I did notice that my old machine performed very well with Coats and Clark embroidery thread, but the e500 hated that thread., so I had to replace every spool of the Coats and Clark with Floriani.  Whoo, that was an expensive week!!  LOL!!

One more thing, which I did not mention before is that the thread I am using for the rooster and hen embroideries is Floriani black color. I have heard that black thread is notoriously hard to manage, is prone to breaks, and can be stiffer and less elastic than other colors, due to the chemicals involved with the black dye. Maybe that has contributed to my problem with my current project?       So many variables involved in the embroidery process!!   

Kathy S. Camas WA   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  

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