Re: When a thread breaks on e500 embroidery machine


Kathy, you also mention that you’re concerned about the ends coming undone in the places where you restart the stitching, which you are right to be concerned about.  The solution is to pull up the bobbin thread, keep a long tail of both the upper and bobbin threads to secure on the back after you have completed the embroidery. If it’s a fill pattern or satin you can hold the threads in position so they get stitched over to secure them. The digitizing doesn’t know where you’ve had the problem so it can’t have a tie-in. Tie-in and tie-offs are set by the digitizer not the machine. 
Another problem you mention that I have had is with the thread brand you’re using, it always causes stitching problems on my machines. The needle comes unthreaded, I get thread loops, and it also shreds right at the needle in spite of everything I try. That brand did better on my Babylock machine than the 12000 and 15000.


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