Re: When a thread breaks on e500 embroidery machine

Jim Stutsman

Diagnosing from afar is dodgy at best, but I'll take a chance. The loop is happening either because a stitch was skipped, or because the needle went into the same hole as a previous stitch. If it were skipping it could be due to the machine being very slightly out of time, but far more likely would be a burr on the hook race, bobbin case, or needle plate. However that would show up in pretty much every project, so we can probably rule that out. You said the designs are "simple redwork-type", which I assume means straight stitch lines as opposed to satin stitches. A size 14 needle, regardless of type, measures 1.4mm in diameter. If any stitch is shorter than 1.4mm it can result in two stitches through the same hole, which will result in a loop on top and usually a nest underneath because the bobbin thread did not catch. You might try a size 11 needle, not necessarily metallic. Metallic needles have a very large eye, which could be working against you here. If the tea towels have a fairly open weave, that also could lead to two or more stitches in the same hole.

Years ago I nearly had to buy back an MB-4 machine. The owner was trying to use it commercially. All the designs that she bought were well digitized, but very detailed. Using a size 14 needle and 40wt thread she had exactly the problems you are having. We went through a lot of trial and error until we switched to a size 8 needle and 60wt thread. At that point it performed beautifully and she had no more problems.

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