Re: Ticking sound from Skyline S7 Model

Jim Stutsman

A stepper motor is a specialized motor that does not turn in full revolutions. Instead it moves in very precise "steps". When you adjust your stitch width the stepper motor for that function moves just enough to push the needle 0.5mm left or right. There are many steppers inside the machine for functions like stitch length and even embroidery. The computer knows precisely which position each stepper is in. However if an external force of enough strength is applied (Think embroidery hoop hitting something, needle bar getting whacked, or even a bad "bird nest" under the bobbin.) the stepper can get pushed out of position so it's no longer where the computer thinks it is. When the computer tells it to move it may be asking it to move beyond a physical limit, which can lead to noise. In your case, it's small, but in the case of embroidery it may be a terrified loud "machine gun" type sound. When the machine is turned off and back on, the computer knows nothing about the position of any stepper. So instead it sends them to a "home" position where a sensor trips. You see this in embroidery - the hoop returns all the way to the base. What's happening is that the computer is repeatedly telling the stepper to move back one step until the sensor trips and it knows that home is reached. Then it can reset its position and continue to work normally.

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