Ticking sound from Skyline S7 Model

Kathy Strabel

Good day, Janome Friends....
I was sewing on my S7 this afternoon and all was going well, then I got some kind of a thread tangle, so I stopped and removed my fabric from under the needle.  Then I heard a ticking sound coming out of the machine. I listened for a short while; it sounded similar to a clock ticking and seemed to be coming from under the bed of the machine, about halfway between the needle and the left side of the tower--where the "brain" is. It did not appear to be stopping on its own, so I shut the machine off, then back on again a couple minutes later. Everything was normal, so I resumed my sewing for the rest of the afternoon. Does anyone know what the ticking sound was? If so, is it anything to be concerned with? This is the first time I have experienced it. I got no error codes or warnings before shutting off the machine, the needle was stationary, as was the balance wheel. There was no other sound--no rubbing, squeaking, or anything else. Just that ticking. The machine was not hot. And before resuming my sewing, I inspected the bobbin area and re-threaded the top thread.  There was no birds nest on the reverse of my fabric. I hope I am giving enough information.  Any info appreciated. Kathy S   Camas WA

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