15000 Quilt Maker upgrade question.

suzi bohannon

I have not used my 15000 for a few months.  Recently I had my dealer put the upgrade on it. 
After I got it back I tried to put the hp needle plate on to try things out.  The machine did not recognize that plate.  I know it should because my 9450 QCP does.  After some research on Janome I did realize my machine was at ver 1.04 instead of latest Ver 2.11.  Is it possible that is the problem?  I received the new feet but no usb stick.  I don’t think that I received the new foot holder.  Don’t know if I should try to put the newer ver 2.11 on machine as I would not want to damage the machine.  Should have done my research prior to this.  The tech at dealer could not answer that question.  Thanks for any help.  Suzi

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