Re: Download designs to MAC

darlene Reese

I have the 15000, but broke the embroidery unit. Because it is on order from Japan, I purchased the 550e .
I am able to use the AcuDesign and save to A file in my Dropbox. Then 8 can go to my laptop and find the file and transfer it to a jump drive and take it to the machine. O have to pick the hoop once it is there, as the AcuDesign only recognizes the 500e, not the 550e.
I can also pick up the files and transfer them to my cartridge for my 10000 via a special connector that I found on line .
I still like my 15000 the best, but the others work fine too.
The biggest concern I have about the 550e is all the instructions about how to oil it. You have to take the whole machine apart! I am terrified to do this.
But if it needs to be done every month as the manual suggests if you do a lot of embroidery, and I do, I can’t afford $150 service call every month.

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