Re: Oiling my 500e

Janet Cicerano

Thank you SewingRose for confirming my thoughts on oilingly my machine.  I'll follow the manuel directions.  

On Sat, Dec 5, 2020, 6:34 PM SewingRose <newbuild2012@...> wrote:
I would if it was my machine.  In fact, when I bought my 500E and it arrived in the original sealed box, I started to stitch one of the small built-in designs and quickly noticed the machine 'sounded' dry, so I did the oil/clean as per the owners manual and stitched the same built-in design with great results, the machine ran much smoother and has never skipped a beat since.  Deciding to do this oil/clean prevented future problems as I discovered a very long piece of white poly thread tangled in the machine, around the bobbin winding spindle (I use prewounds exclusively, so not mine) and through the top thread guide to the takeup lever and the end of this thread was then trapped in the needle bar.  It took some time to remove all the fragments and I know it was from factory 'testing' because I hadn't used white thread during that test stitchout, I had used dark green with a bright yellow prewound bobbin.  I placed the pieces of this white thread on the table and estimate it was well over a metre long.

Have you attempted to stitch a design?  what did it sound like?  If you do a test stitchout, use light and dark thread in top and bottom as this allows you to spot any tension and stitch formations problems easier.  Don't have the manual in front of me just now, but it's in the last few pages.  Hope this helps?  ;-)

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