Re: Download designs to MAC


Hi Linda,

My specific question, I guess, would be if I’ve created a design in AcuEdit , can I move it into Stitch buddy so it will show up and be shared to my other iPad?
I have to admit that I‘m not very experienced with AcuEdit. Actually I have version v3.21.001 installed, but hardly use it at all. AcuEdit seems to run a very closed shop with regards to its designs: Other apps are not allowed to access its local storage and it provides neither any sharing option nor supports iCloud storage.

This having said the only way I would envision exporting designs out of AcuEdit is a transfer via your machine - unfortunately I cannot test it myself, maybe someone else can confirm or correct me?

Long story short: There is not a thing StitchBuddy could do to access AcuEdit‘s designs without Janome‘s app cooperating...


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