Re: Serger issues - and flat lock seams

Cheryl Paul

Hi Everyone,

This group is GREAT! I shared what I knew, asked a few questions and got such good responses. Like I mentioned I only ever did this technique in a long day and 3 or more hours of travel to get there and then again back home (we did stay one night) and did so many things that a person’s mind is boggled and this was JUST THE SERGER - a simple plain 4 thread Singer serger with bad tension on most days.

This was back in the 80’s when I was somewhere around 40 years old - had children somewhere between the youngest about of 6 - 10 and and the oldest being 13-17 with the 2 in between. I had a wonderful husband that can cook, and was tremendous with the children and didn’t mind his turn at lonely parenting.

I came home so overwhelmed that I didn’t actually do much of any of the things I’d learned, but did have a binder full of samples - which I may still have somewhere in my house, but sadly that particular serger is LONG gone, but I have a much better one now and the techniques are still rattling in my brain somewhere.

I so glad that some of you have “old” books to refer to and know where they are to help us out. I think I might be inspired to try some of these tricks again. I have 15 and 9 year old grand daughters (my little cleaning maids) that sew - some of this might be of interest to them in their world of sewing. They like to experiment and Ava (15) is really a good young sewist and her cooking skills are fabulous too. I guess “home schooling” might not be so bad after all. My other grand children don’t have the time to learn such things in detail.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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