Re: Serger issues - and flat lock seams


Even More on Flatlocking!!
I forgot to mention that even though both Tracy and I said not to do a 4 thread overlock, the book also mentioned that it's possible to do a Flatlock with 4 threads if you loosen both the needles tension.
BUT, most machines can't be adjusted loose enough so that both the needle threads will allow the fabric to lay flat (as we've already mentioned.)
So if that's the case if we tighten both needle tensions slightly then the effect will be like a corded stitching.
I have not tried that, nor think it would be an effect that I would like.
It would be nice to take the time to make samples of all kinds of stitch techniques on our sergers just like we do when we make Stitch Book for our decorative stitches!
On a nice winter day...

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