Re: machine suddenly stops

Jim Stutsman

Not sure what a "repeated pulse" sounds like, but there are a couple of possibilities. If it happens ONLY on this design, then there could be something funky about the design, especially if it was converted from another format. This has happened in the past, though is not very common any more. A design is essentially a computer program that instructs the machine on what to do next with each stitch. If it tells the machine to do something that is illogical, it can behave in unexpected ways. In such cases the problem will repeat at exactly the same place in that design, but not in any others. Turning the machine off and on again (Hat tip to "The IT Crowd"!) will reset it and work normally.

The other possibility is a sensor that is at the ragged edge of proper adjustment. In such cases the normal vibration from moving the embroidery carriage can cause the sensor to suddenly change. For example, say the presser foot height sensor is just barely in spec, and a little nudge causes it to trip. To the machine that looks like you suddenly lifted the presser foot while it was sewing, and it will stop, usually with a message like "Stopped for safety". If you are instead hearing a clicking or ticking, then it's more likely the first issue.

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