Re: Janome 1200D Serger

Roberta K

My only comment about this thread, is that brand loyalty is not always the best choice when investigating new machine purchases. When I first began using Janome sewing machines, about 20 years ago, I was thrilled to have a dealer about 2 miles from my home. My first Janome was the MC3000, which I still own. At that time I was struggling with learning to use a serger. 

My first serger was purchased from a Viking dealer inside a Joann’s Fabric store. It was the cheapest one they had, a White serger. The salesperson lied to me saying that they could teach me how to use it, but that did not work out too well. I ended up selling it for a few dollars, and buying a Brother serger, 1034D. Everything was fine until the tension went wonky and nobody could help me Fix it. I then went to my Janome dealer, who recommended a Janome Compulock serger. Another liar, since she did not know how to use it herself and so could not teach me. 

Me being young and naive, bought the machine without doing a test drive because I wanted to believe that any Janome is better than any other machine out there. Then I got to try to manage the settings on it, and it was a mess. Of course, the dealer would not take it back.

My frustration level was through the roof, so I decided not to do any more business with that dealer (who will remain nameless). Not too long after, I discovered a Babylock dealer. At that time the Babylock Evolution was the top of the line model. I saw it demonstrated and they had me at Jet-Air threading. And yes this dealer offered classes and tech support. 

I still own my Babylock Evolution, and I have never regretted the investment I made.

Lesson learned: It pays to be open minded about brands, and ALWAYS try before you buy. Seeing and sewing is believing.

Roberta in FL

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