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The MC10000 will not read a Jef+ format either.  It will only read .sew or .jef format designs.

I agree with Favymtz - use a copy/paste method to transfer designs to your compact flash card for the machine.  Be sure they are pasted into the file where the machine will find them.  And- make sure in your software that the design is oriented to fit inside the hoop when you save it in .jef.  The orientation being wrong is one of the absolute most common issues when someone says their machine doesn't show a design that they have put into the folder for one of the, older model especially, machines.

Tracy in Nashville, TN

Martha Pullen Licensed Educator

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The default file format for Horizon Link is JPX. Your Janome 10000 will not read a JPX as you've discovered.   What you need to do is designate that you want a JEF or JEF+ format. To do this, Don't use the "Write a Design" nor the "Send" functions.
Use the "File" function and  "Save As" that way you can choose to Save it to your card and a JEF format.

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