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LOL...oh...sorry...didn't even think of naming a brand.  I was very interested in the new Janome air threading serger, but I think I still want at least a 5-thread...and kind of hoping Janome comes out with a nice new model in a few years, now that they air threading tech.  But, just after I got the Pfaff, I saw the Baby Lock 8-thread serger (I forget the name at the moment) being demonstrated at a quilt show near here, and was offered a great price by the dealer, which included all the attachments.  Might have bought it right then, except that I already had the very nice Pfaff...and couldn't justify the cost at that moment. 

They don't make the machine I have anymore, but no telling what I will 'need' or want eventually.  My Pfaff is in excellent condition, does a whole bunch of stuff, and may last the rest of my lifetime for what I need...just cannot get attachments for it, since it was a retired model.  Who knows what the future will bring...will re-evaluate if/when I am in the market again...but making a list of 'wants' in a new serger. 

The 8-thread is air-threaded, and has extra space to the right of the needle.  I like the idea of special use machines...serger and separate cover hem machines...just do not have the space right now, since I already have 4 machines (2 embroidery, 1 sewing, and the serger), and hubby has 1 plus a long arm quilter on a 12' frame.  We are working on making a dedicated space...not there yet.

I looked up Program 10 in the 1200D manual.  Not complicated to create that Top Cover Stitch (LuLu Lemon) stitch...does the 3-needle, the 2-needle wide, and the 2-needle narrow, but some re-configuring of the machine is necessary.  I think conversion is possibly more complicated 'looking' and 'sounding' than complicated 'doing'...just have to remember...when company comes for dinner we have to pull the dining table apart to add the leaf in the table, too...LOL

My Pfaff 4874 does those 3 programs plus more "Deco" stitches, but each has its own program number.  The Pfaff book is 144 pages...has a lot of pix and step-by-step directions.

I have been working on an email, but have to stop on it for a bit...have to make some very necessary phone calls.  You might benefit from the threading for the Pfaff...the video is online but not on youtube...although you can look at youtube videos of Pfaff Coverlock 3, too...Sewing Machines Plus I think has the ones I looked at mostly for conversion to cover hem. looked really complicated...until I actually did it a few times.

- Cat

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