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June E Hudspeth



So, spill the beans, which is your “coveted” new serger (big smile).




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Pixey, my Janome dealer told me that their customers frequently purchase two separate machines rather than an 'elaborate' (multifunctional) coverlocker.  By then, I already had the Pfaff, but I seriously contemplated getting a separate coverstitch machine, too...or another, lower end serger and leaving the Pfaff in cover hem configuration. 


I especially contemplated it after making 6 knit outfits for my 4-year-old grandson.  It was an 'assembly line' process, mostly because I didn't want to be converting the serger to coverstitch and back to make each outfit using the matching color.  Instead, I used 'generic colored' threads for all interior seams, and only threaded with 'color matching' threads for the cover hem part...which I did last...and I stitched all shirts and shorts that used the same color at the same time before loading the next color.  But while I was making those, I realized just how nice it would be to have two separate machines to perform those very different functions, and just moving from machine to machine. 


Fortunately for my bank account, the Pfaff is easy enough to convert, once you figure out just how easy it is, and soon after making those 6 outfits at once, having converted it back to a 4-thread overedge until needed again, I needed to re-convert it to cover hem again to re-hem a t-shirt for my son. 


By the time I need a new serger, if ever, I have pretty much already decided which one (or current model of it) I am most interested in...unless something else is invented.  LOL


- Cat (FL)



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